Luke James


/ A good rule for living in a small space / 2015

The research done by the artist Luke James during his residence in Homesession are small actions and poetic accidents to the materiality and alteration of the given space. This meeting and its appropriation allow us to perceive a series of (in)visible physical changes and somehow get into the layers of the time-space surface. The micro gestures that the artist proposes stem from everyday thoughts, deconstructing an object, knowing its compounds, drawing the structure and seeing the gaps that inhabit the walls.

The relationship that the artist has proposed with the architecture of the place, arose from observation and direct work on things and the matter that composes them. Inhabiting the residence and understanding Homesession as a white cube, but with its own previous narrative, that can be opened and explored. The gesture of breaking, burning, filling and emptying allows the opening of a wall and seeing what circulates inside it. He meet with new paint layers and unknown spaces, which in his opinion, are brief moments between him and that space which is his own for a certain period of time. The home studio thought from an almost sacred laboratory and with the possibility of being perverted. The city moving outside and all its politics are reminders of experimental micro-actions within which each of these stories are developed.